What is Cataplexy?

Cataplexy occurs when someone is experiencing some type of strong emotion; like excitement, anger, or sadness. Everybody is different, and so some people can get Cataplexy from a normal amount of emotion, or an extreme amount. Then again, you can have Narcolepsy and never experience Cataplexy.

If Cataplexy does hit, it will make a person lose control of their body. Every situation is different, it could render a person totally paralyzed (while still conscious), or simply make you lose control of just your arms. Maybe, your knees will just buckle beneath you.

Of course, it’s temporary, so if you or someone you know is experiencing this, no need to stress. Although, it is potentially dangerous if someone has Cataplexy while they’re crossing the street, or driving. That’s where you need to take charge and get to know your body. If you’re very sensitive to Cataplexy, you’ll need to be more careful in your daily life. If you’re someone like me who needs more intense emotion to experience it, you just need to stay mindful enough while it’s happening and calm yourself down.

I will upload more posts about different situations and advice for them regarding Cataplexy.

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