Telling Your Teachers About Your Narcolepsy

Tell your teachers what’s up. Make sure they’re informed with your condition, and if you haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor, that’s alright. In that case, let them know you’re struggling with something that could be a real medical condition.

Before I got diagnosed, I had already done all the research I could on Narcolepsy. Since I was 12, I was so sure I had it, but I felt like my symptoms weren’t extreme enough to warrant a real diagnosis.

In my freshman year, I had a talk with my biology teacher and let her know that I wasn’t sleeping during her lectures on purpose. I let her know that my family was trying to figure out what was happening with me medically, but that we were sure it was Narcolepsy.This helped my teacher, because she stopped calling me out a million times during class since I communicated with her that I wasn’t sleeping on purpose. I think that’s all teachers care about, if they know you can’t control it they won’t bother you about it.

If you have been diagnosed, then just let your teachers know! They should accommodate you with whatever you need in order to stay awake and have the same chance at a full education as everyone else.

My teachers still let me stand and stretch during class if I start having sleep attacks. I’m allowed to walk around and splash water on my face in the bathroom, or take naps in the counselor’s office during lunch. I’m even allowed to bring coffee into class!

Teachers should help you, not hinder you. Remember, it’s not your fault if you can’t control your sleep attacks. Never let anyone make you feel sorry for the things you can’t control.


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