Dealing with Embarrassing Sleep Attacks at School

If anyone knows me at school, they also know I sleep a lot in class. I laugh at this a lot nowadays. I try to take advantage of all the times I’ve passed out in class and make jokes out of them.

In middle school, I was really comfortable with my small class so I never worried too much when an attack hit.

Once high school started, however, the tables turned. I was in a new school, with new buildings, and completely new people. I used to get bad anxiety in my freshman year because of how often I’d fall asleep, and wake up drooling all over my desk. I absolutely hated when other students gave presentations, because I knew I’d pass out without being able to control it. I would feel so guilty and embarrassed that I just avoided talking to people altogether.

That is the worst possible thing you could do! Please don’t ever feel bad for things out of your control. We have a sort of comedic gold that no one else has, so instead of feeling sorry for ourselves – we should take advantage of this! Joke around with your friends, be the first to poke fun at yourself. Set the boundaries for how far others can go with their jokes. I personally don’t care with how others joke about my Narcolepsy, I honestly love when my friends crack jokes about it. But, if you’re not as comfortable then make that known.

If you are in the same situation as I was in my freshman year, then joke about your sleep attacks with classmates you don’t know! Falling asleep in class is the most relatable conversation starter in existence, think of it as a blessing. Anytime you catch yourself drooling on your desk, raise your head high and own it.


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