Cataplexy and Rollercoasters

I get the weirdest Cataplexy episodes when I ride rollercoasters.

At this point, I find it downright hilarious, and it just adds to the experience. Last time I went to Seaworld with some friends, we decided to go on the Manta rollercoaster and the wait in line made my heart flutter.

Because of all the anxiety being built up, by the time we boarded the ride, my chin started feeling tingly. Next thing we know, it’s moving and whipping us around, and I’m screaming as loud as I can.

When we got off, both my forearms (fingers and everything) were completely numb and paralyzed. My chest felt tingly, and my fingers were stuck in certain positions which I wasn’t able to get them out of.

I was laughing while this was happening, because when I flapped my arms in front of my friend my hands looked like they were strung up on wires like a puppet. I waited a few minutes for control to slowly come back to me, then everything was fine.

I’m lucky enough that I don’t get severe Cataplexy, I’ve only had one episode that I can remember losing total control of my body.

Do you experience Cataplexy? Is it often, rarely? Mild, more severe? I’d love to hear your response!

I really hopes this helps, and good luck!! Xoxox


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