Cataplexy and Panic Attacks

I’m the type of Narcoleptic that needs more intense emotion to experience Cataplexy (not all Narcoleptics also have Cataplexy). I don’t usually get it if I’m have a laugh attack, but when I’m distressed it’s always lurking around the corner.

Nowadays, I’m in a much better headspace, but I used to get panic attacks pretty often. One time, I had such a bad attack that my parents had to call the paramedics. When I’d get the panic attacks, I would get the usual breathless and helpless feeling, but then the Cataplexy would weigh in. I’d start feeling my chin get tingly for some reason, and then I’d start losing sensation of my limbs.

What my dad taught me was that I had to focus on my breathing, and stay calm. This helps tremendously, and makes your panic attack (along with the Cataplexy) go away faster. Easier said than done, I know, but it never hurts to try.

Another thing I found that helps is to put yourself out of a victim mindset. When panic attacks occur, we usually feel helpless and victimized. What you have to do is take responsibility for your emotions, and get yourself out of that victim role. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, don’t think you deserve this, just own it and breathe.



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