I’m Camila, a 21 year old mostly focused onĀ napping, hanging out with friends, and photography. I created this blog while I was in high school in hopes of reaching folks who may feel alone in their diagnosis. I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy w/ Cataplexy at age 14, after spending a few years thinkingĀ I was just unnaturally lazy. Most narcoleptics go decades believing this. This site aims to change that, and provide support for other people, especially teens, with this condition. Teenagers and young people are already struggling with making sense of themselves and the world around them, which is why I write from my own experience to hopefully provide some helpful insight; however, all ages are welcome! My goal is to raise awareness so that narcoleptics can receive a diagnosis earlier in life and avoid going half, or most, of their lives struggling with an unknown disorder.